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How it works

Wild Ride is a hybrid sanctuary and training facility. This means that we work with mustangs using force free positive reinforcement to train the horse as much as we can about life in the domestic world. Most horses choose to engage with us and learn the typical behaviors like haltering, leading, picking up their feet, standing for vet and farrier care. Many go on to learn tricks and liberty work as well as riding. When the horse is ready to find a home, we look for a suitable adopter to provide the horse with a loving home. They go on to ride in all sorts of disciplines across the equestrian community. However, there are some horses that take longer to come around to people or may never come around at all. This is extremely rare among mustangs, but we are here to support them and care for them, whatever path they choose. We also have an ambassador team of fully trained permanent residents that work with the public on educational programs and demonstrations.

Sponsor Soji

Meet Soji

Soji is a 12 year old mustang from South Steens, OR. She is the reason this sanctuary exists and we love her dearly! Soji initially opted out of people, but has made a complete 180 and is now one of the first horses to greet our guests! She is proof that patience, time and love can work wonders.

Sponsor Peanut & Jelly

Meet Peanut Butter and Jelly

PB&J are an integral part of our public outreach and education programs. They are extra good boys who love snuggles and are excellent at greeting our guests and making them feel welcome. When we went to pick out "a" burro at an adoption event, we found these two 8 month old babies, snuggled up like Peanut Butter & Jelly in the corner and just couldn't separate them.

Sponsor Hank

Meet Hank

Hank is a 20 year old from Devil's Garden, California. Hank is our resident "grumpy old man" who wants nothing to do with these "humans" (except when they bring snacks, of course). Hank spends his days with his band of mares and sparring with his nemesis, Rusty (also an older bay roan from Devil's Garden. Old enemies, perhaps?).

Sponsor Rusty

Meet Rusty

Rusty is a 10 year old from Devil's Garden, California. Rusty is very sweet and wants to like people, but only if they're very predictable. If you want to be sprayed head to toe with mud, sneak up on rusty in the pasture. If he ever comes around, he'll make one hell of a cow horse! He spends his days enjoying his friends and giving Hank the stink eye.

Sponsor Blue

Meet Blue

Blue is a 5 year old blue roan pinto from Frisco, Utah. She had a number of unsuccessful placements before making her way to us. While she is progressing extremely well with training, she's still considered high risk due to her intense fear of strangers and is not adoptable at this time.

Sponsor Rosie

Meet Rosie

Rosie is a 15 year old from Devil's Garden, California. Rosie is the loner of our herd. Often found eating by herself and wandering through the woods. I know what you're thinking. Why are they all from Devil's Garden? This herd is actually known for having easy horses to gentle, these guys are just loveable weirdos.

Sponsor Adira

Meet Adira

Addy is a 27 year old mustang from White River, Nevada. She is our oldest and also our tiniest mustang (or pony-stang). Somehow, Addy found herself on a slaughter truck to Canada. We don't know her history, but based on her health and sweet demeanor, she has clearly been loved and cared for for her 26 years as a domestic horse. Addy has dental issues and asthma which require a special diet of "hay soup" and medication, so she would really appreciate your support!

Sponsor Blossom

Blossom is our celebrity horse. She came from a very well documented herd (Sand Wash Basin, CO) and if you search for her on facebook, you'll see her whole life in the wild documented from just a couple of months old. She was gentled by one of our teen mustang training graduates, Kendall, who did an amazing job. Now Blossom is one of the friendliest horses at the sanctuary (and most adventurous!) Blossom is available for adoption and would be well suited to a trail riding or family home. She is 5 years old and 15.3 hands tall.

Our Horses

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