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Frequently Asked Questions

Which types of horses does Wild Ride train?

We limit our training to formerly wild mustangs which is our specialty.

Should I send you my aggressive problem horse for training?

No. We specialize in working with untouched mustangs so we can build a strong foundation of positive interactions with humans. Working with horses that need to overcome negative experiences with humans is beyond our scope, but we have a network of trainers we would be happy to refer you to.

What is your training methodology?

We adhere to "LIMA" standards which means Least invasive, minimally aversive. This means we have a strong foundation of force free, opt-in positive reinforcement and only escalate to more traditional methods of pressure and release if it's more appropriate for the horse or if we are in a position where we have to urgently care for the horse and aren't progressing with positive reinforcement.
We welcome all training methods for our boarders and pride ourselves on being open minded and non-judgmental in regards to a wide variety of training styles. We do not, however, tolerate abusive methods of training that cause physical or psychological harm to the horse.

Can a timid/anxious/inexperienced person really train a wild horse?

I have a history of being timid and anxious around horses and I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be able to train a completely wild horse. My purpose here is to show you that with the right horse, support network and facilities, anyone can train a wild mustang. The most important factors are choosing a mustangs that fits your experience level, making sure you are committed to the horse knowing that it could take a long time to train, and having the right network of professionals on standby should you need them. We have specialized facilities as well as vets, farriers and trainers who all have mustang experience, so whatever issues you incur, we can work together to get through them.


My motto is "there are 50,000 mustangs in holding. Pick an easy one!"

Do you saddle train mustangs?

I do not. I use clicker training to teach the horse to accept tack (bridle, bit, saddle, girth) and a rider on her back for the first "ride", but that's the point where I will hand you off to someone in our training network who is far more qualified and skilled at training horses to ride.

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