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Training area: We have eight stalls available that are BLM compliant 6' tall steel fencing with an attached run out and easy access to a 48x48 attached work space. This is a great option so you don't have to invest in a mustang specific set up at home and you will have a number of resources available to you to support you on your training journey. Includes 24/7 access to a high quality round bale with a slow feed net and a constant supply of fresh water. Due to the handling concerns around a wild mustang in early stages of training, stall mucking is not included. 

Pasture board: If you have a mustang that you'd rather see in an environment that closely mimics his life in the wild, this is a great option. Horses will live in a herd with 24/7 turnout on a 20+ acre "paddock paradise" style enclosure intended to give them appropriate exercise and keep their hooves worn down naturally. They will have around the clock access to water, mineral block and a slow feed round bale.

  • Sanctuary Board

    Every month
    Let your horse live in a wild-like setting on 20+ acres of trails with our herd
  • Self Training Board

    Every month
    An individual stall in our BLM compliant training area with 24/7 hay and water
  • Training Board

    Every month
    +$150 Gentling Package
    An individual stall in our BLM compliant training area + 12 Training Sessions
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