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Wild Wellness

Let the wisdom of wild horses guide you

  • 45 min
  • Wild Ride

Service Description

Have you been through so much in your life that you’re now that you’re finally safe, you’re unsure how to function outside of survival mode? Or are you just lost in your life, wandering from day to day, wondering if there must be more to life than just surviving and paying the bills? Our sanctuary residents are formerly wild mustangs and burros who were rounded up, separated from their families and the only life they knew. Each and every one of them reacts differently to having their world turned upside down. It's something many humans can relate to in a variety of ways. Horses and humans come here to heal together. Change can be gut wrenching and heartbreaking. However, it can also be absolutely transformative, bringing things up in us we never would have imagined, showing us how strong we are, and demonstrating our deep capacity for survival and resilience. The mustangs show us how to face our fears and unlock our best lives. They show us the amazing things that are possible when we learn to release attachment to the outcome, what life "should" look like, and be with what is. About the program: Return to your Wild Roots and immerse yourself with our herd of wild horses who roam freely over miles of trails. Connect with the earth and the animals in this personal growth journey. Reconnect with what really matters - the lived experience of the present moment. Learn to sit with the uncomfortable emotions as well as deeply joyful feelings. Horses' minds exist only in the here and now. In this moment, just as it is, am I safe, connected, nourished? Learn the awareness skills needed to respond to situations thoughtfully. We will observe the herd in how they regulate their emotions in the face of fear using community, breathwork, movement and grounding skills that we can apply to our own lives. We'll work together to formulate a wellness plan and set clear goals for your physical, emotional, social, and self-care needs. Facilitator: MacKenzie Whitsell, founder of Wild Ride Mustang Sanctuary, Certified in Equine Facilitated Learning through the HERD Institute. MacKenzie is dedicated to helping horses and humans find balance, kindness and compassion in how they treat themselves and others. She is a firm believer of the healing power of time spent in nature, and that by disconnecting with the outside world, we are able to reconnect with ourselves and gain much needed perspective to help us cope with the pressures of society.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please give us 24 hours notice

Contact Details

  • 130 Old Cranston Road, Sterling, CT, USA


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