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Compassionate Horsemanship Lessons


Mustang Training Lessons


Equine Inspired Mindfulness

Riding and groundwork to build connection

We will explore the relationship between horse and human in a way that honors the horse's feelings and choices. This may include riding or it may mean groundwork, grooming or hand walking. Participants will learn vital skills to creating a relationship built on trust and attunement.
One Hour $60

Work with a formerly wild mustang

We will learn about the methods used to gentle wild mustangs which may include approach and retreat, positive reinforcement/clicker training and more. We will learn to read the horse's stress and calming signals to tailor our approach in a way that the horse feels safe and engaged.
One Hour $45

Learn how to be as present as a wild horse in your life

These sessions will focus on how we can learn from the horses to be present in our every day lives and in tune with ourselves and our surroundings. We will cover things like self awareness, sensory inputs, and emotional self regulation techniques that we can observe in the horses.
30 minutes $30


Self Training Board


Training Board


Sanctuary Style Board

For ungentled mustangs

We have six stalls available that are BLM compliant 6' tall steel fencing with an attached run out and easy access to a 48x48 attached work space. This is a great option so you don't have to invest in a mustang specific set up at home and you will have a number of resources available to you to support you on your training journey. Includes 24/7 access to a high quality round bale with a slow feed net and a constant supply of fresh water.
One month $500

A guided mustang training experience

This includes all the perks of self training board plus a training plan and three one on one sessions with a mustang trainer per week to keep you on track to get your mustang to meet the basic requirements of haltering, leading, picking up the feet and getting on a trailer.
One Month $850

For mustangs to live in a natural environment

If you have a mustang that hasn't adapted well to domestic life an you'd rather see him in an environment that closely mimics his life in the wild, this is a great option. Horses will live in a herd with 24/7 turnout on a 25 acre "paddock paradise" style enclosure intended to give them appropriate exercise and keep their hooves worn down naturally. They will have around the clock access to water, mineral block and a slow feed round bale.
One Month $350

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