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Mustang Gentling Packages

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

We are pleased to offer a range of options for those who want to adopt a mustang, whether you want to do some/all of the training yourself or have us do all of it through our youth mustang training programs.

Week Long Intensive Mustang Training Program

  • We help you choose a horse at one of the BLM's local adoption event

  • We transport the horse to our facility

  • We will be picking out horses on Friday and then the training program runs Saturday through Friday, 9am-3pm. You can meet us at the adoption event in Swanzey, NH or drive up with us, but you do have to attend in person to adopt your horse directly from the Bureau of Land Management. Otherwise, we can help you choose a horse over facetime/zoom, but the selection may be limited to horses that can be purchased outright. Once the program begins, we request that you bring a bagged lunch and snacks, however there is a restaurant nearby that you can order lunch from.

  • Daily activities will include:

    • Morning meditation and yoga classes

    • Morning and afternoon training sessions with your horse

    • Demonstrations and training activities with some of our horses

    • Hiking, foraging, and other activities in nature on our 150 acre campus

  • We will work towards having your horse trained in the basic behaviors such as haltering, leading, picking up the feet and loading into a trailer so you can bring her home with you*. Not sure if you're ready for horse ownership? No worries. We can adopt a horse that you will work with for the week and you will have the option to keep the horse or not.

  • Cost: the program costs $1500. However, we encourage you to adopt the horse under the Adoption Incentive Program, which will reimburse you $1000 after one year in the program, meaning your net cost will be just $500 plus the $125 adoption fee to the Bureau of Land Management

  • Accommodations: we are hoping to add glamping and tiny house options for our participants in the future, but at this time we are offering this as a day program only. We can recommend local hotels and camp sites if you don't live within driving distance. There is a full service campground with tent and RV sites that abuts our property if you'd prefer to have an even more immersive experience.

  • Dates: our pilot program will be running April 21th-April 28st, where we will attend the Swanzey, NH Adoption event and begin our training the day after we bring the horses home. We are also hoping to offer this around the Pennsylvania adoption event which occurs June 2nd.

  • Q&A: For anyone interested, we will be doing a live Q&A over zoom. This is required in order to participate to ensure that you are aware of the process and have a solid understanding on the expected outcome, as well as to make sure you are a good fit for our program. All of our training is conducted in a way that honors the horse's emotions and choices to create a heart centered connection. Please email to request an invitation. We currently have space for 3 participants.

Adopt a horse from our mustang training program

  • You can choose from our currently adoptable horses or work with us to select a horse based on your desired criteria from a local adoption event and we will transport the horse to our facility, where our mustang training programs for youth and adults will train the horse to halter, lead, pick up its feet, and load onto a trailer.

  • Cost: $125

Self paced training board options

  • Self training board, $500 per month: rent a BLM compliant 6' tall heavy duty pen with shelter. The pen is attached to a 48x48 arena space that you will have shared access to. This includes free choice hay in slow feed nets 24/7 and fresh water. You are responsible for stall cleaning and any other care your horse requires.

  • Training board, $850 per month. This includes everything listed in self training board plus a training plan and three one-on-one sessions with a mustang trainer per week to keep you on track to get your mustang to meet the basic requirements of haltering, leading, picking up the feet and getting on a trailer.

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