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Colt Starting with Clicker Training

See the positive reinforcement, opt in method of saddle starting horses.

  • 1 hour
  • Wild Ride

Service Description

Yes, you can use clicker training to introduce riding to your young horse! This method is much safer than traditional saddle "breaking" of horses because it involves clear two-way communication between trainer and horse, as well as the option for the horse to opt out at any time. Why get bucked off when you can teach your horse a "get off my back" cue? We also do extensive prep work to make sure the first ride is as smooth, calm and fun as possible for both human and horse. We'll go over everything from making sure the horse's ground work foundation is solid, making sure the horse is comfortable with tack and the tacking up process, the safest and most positive way to introduce first sit on the horse's back, to our first ride and transferring our ground cues to traditional riding cues. Cost: One day per week $240 Two days per week $480

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Contact Details

  • 130 Old Cranston Road, Sterling, CT, USA

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